The Fastest Way to Learn Golf

Fact Sheet


Do you have no time to go to the golf club, or do you want to learn golf? -- VR Caddie is a virtual reality golf training simulator that offers personalised training exercises. Utilizing the HTC Vive and the VR Caddie club attachment allows for accurate measurements of your golf swings in a realistically rendered environment. VR Caddie analyses your golf swings and provides feedback based on your performance and offers training exercises from professional golf trainers.





Company Bio

UltraMode Games was founded in early 2014 by Joey de Buck and Ruud Geldhof while studying International Game Architecture & Design in the direction of Indie Game Development (IGAD – IGD) at the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in Breda, the Netherlands.

Over the course of their studies, Joey and Ruud had worked on countless different projects together whether it be school assignments, hobby projects to experiment, 48-hour game jam events, or just spending a Friday night developing a random game because they can. Although they didn’t know it at first, it was these projects that eventually led to the start of UltraMode Games.

Since then UltraMode Games has grown into an indie game studio with an affinity towards VR development in both Unity and Unreal Engine.